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Wandering Heart

My mind is a dreamer. My heart is a wanderer. They make quite the duo.

In my dreams, my heart discovers countries I’ve never visited and places that don’t exist.

I’ve run across the hills and caves of Middle Earth;

I’ve rushed through the wardrobe, plunging into the snow to meet Aslan;

I’ve wandered through time and watched history unfold;

This I’ve done, and more, but only in my dreams.

I’ve hiked through deserts in Africa;

I climbed Mount Everest and looked out at the world;

I got lost in a volcano beneath Yellowstone and followed pixies back to the surface;

I’ve breezed above the clouds on the backs of eagles;

And bouncily swung through the trees with Tarzan;

I’ve done this and more in my dreams.

In my dreams, yes, dreams of night and day,

I’ve wandered the world and seen the universe

Until reality brings me back to my body rooted to the ground

With reminders that I can only go as far as money can take me

Which isn’t far, for poor little college girl me,

So I’ll go back to my dreams, and do more than I can here.