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Restless Musings

Sometimes, I get so tired of the same old things.

Over and over and over, just playing like life never changes –

Follow the same old schedule…

Don’t wish for change. I remind myself “you

Might receive a shock…a friend dies. You lose your job.

You find yourself in a panic for no apparent reason.

You get sick and have to skip days of work or class. ”

“So, don’t wish for change”, I tell myself. So I stop

Wishing for change and just want my stability back.

The same old things over and over and over.

But I am so ready to go! And go! And go!

To live on my own and prove to myself and

My friends and family, that I can be responsible.

I want to throw away that restricting schedule,

Ignore the deadlines and get over the stress –

Escape into God’s beautiful creation and hav

All the time in the world to tell Him how much I love Him!

Focus girl, just breathe, back to the grind.

Get enough sleep, or drink enough caffeine. Be kind

And considerate and share God’s love. Be professional

And be on time, or rather early as you were trained.

Finish your homework, explore your project…

No, do not get distracted by those tv shows and movies

That you love so much. You just have no time for them.

Back to the grind, back to the grind, back to the grind –

But I just wanna go! Get out! Get away from it all! Travel and

Learn as I want. But I can’t…Why is my soul so restless?