As the end of the semester draws near and many of my friends are graduating, I realize how close I am to finishing my undergraduate education. I’m not quite done yet, but I know the time will fly by. As I think about it, I’m dwelling on a poem I wrote for my church a few weeks ago for their Lent blog series. Here it is:

Finished. The sound of the word soaks into my being and seeps into my soul
whispering comfort and encouragement
soon it will be done, have courage and to Me be faithful

Immortal God! How could You love us such that You became flesh and visible
taking on our anguish and hatred
to teach us love, joy, and peace – things to us invisible

Never – I must say it! – Never will I fear what is to come in my life and in this world
for it would dishonor and blaspheme
my Savior – Jesus – the Man with that sweet, sweet Name

Incredible His love, power, grace and peace permeating my heart and mind
that in the depths of despair
still I can say of my weary and wandering soul how well it Is

Saved by His compassionate love and patience, and continually thankful for
His leading me in His way
I can press on in His power and in His Service

Hopeful – O that the day will come –  till the day that I have been made complete
and am finished in His eyes
having been made by Him and for Him, Holy

Eternally bound to Him by His love and my trust will I continue in the Way
seeking His will in the world
until the day He calls me home and my journey Ends

“Deliverer, I’m home” I’ll cry having passed through the world to His presence
“in Your house let me dwell,
let me sing and dance and worship You forever, for it is Done.”

*poem originally written for Park Place Church of God blog