To those who said something rude or stated some untruth,
To those who tried to put me in a box, who stereotyped me...thank you.
You taught me to respond with kindness and be discerning as I listen and speak,
You inspired me to break the mold...who people think I should be
Thank you...for you motivated me;
I wanted to be kinder than you and share the truths that you ignored,
To show people, they don't have to live up to the stereotypes.
I am not a label, a stereotype! I'm a daughter of the KING,
thank you for reminding me.
To those who barely knew me and prayed for me anyway,
Who cared and asked me "how was your day?"
Who held open doors when my arms were full,
Who smiled at me with joy in your eyes, thank you.
Thank you for praying when I lacked the words,
Thank you for asking about me when I was lonely,
Thank you for helping without asking questions
Thank you for reminding me about the joy...
Joy that comes from being a child of the KING.
To those who I call friends, mentors, teachers
Who help me learn as I walk down this path,
Who help open my eyes to the possibilities,
Who make me laugh and forget my worries, thank you.
Thank you for teaching and guiding me, 
Thank you for encouraging me to try something new,
Thank you for showing me happiness and laughter,
For opening my eyes to all the wonders around,
That I couldn't see when my head was down.
Thank you for encouraging me as a daughter of the KING.
To those who are closest to my heart,
Who stand by me now matter what comes,
Who pray for me often and earnestly,
Who are there when I call out, hurting,
Who inspire me to better than yesterday,
Who make me feel at home and loved,
Who love me as I am, good days and bad,
With all my quirks, sayings, and jokes.
To those who hold a piece of my heart, thank you
Thank you for being here, for being present,
Thank you for loving me when I can't,
For lifting me up, cheering my heart when I'm down.
Thank you for accepting me and loving me,
Thank you for supporting and encouraging me,
When I'm excited, sad, hurt, angry, or joyful.
Thanks for inspiring me to excellence in our KING,
for reminding me Whose I am, not who I was.
I am not broken, waiting to be put together;
I am whole, as a cherished, beautiful,
passionate Daughter of the KING!