I wrote this about the man who makes me want to know God more, to love more, to strive for excellence. The man I’ve been falling for.


When he smiles at me, my day gets just a little bit better.  When he greets me, I can’t help but smile and return it, even on bad days. The thought of him can calm me quickly or make it hard to breathe. He makes my heart accelerate and my stomach fill with butterflies. I love his little quirks and the way he laughs and how his eyes sparkle when he’s excited. When I’m with him, I’m not afraid to just be me, no walls or facades,  no judgement or expectations. He makes me want to live life better and give God all glory, power, praise, and honor; he makes me want to love more people with Christ’s love. I respect him and love his energy, enthusiasm, and godliness. He helps, encourages, and prays for me, he’s there when I truly need him. It’s fascinating knowing him, and every day that passes, I pray for him. I don’t know what will happen or what will come of this and the feelings growing deeper, but for now I am content with simply loving him.